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  1. Immigrant Spouses Must Speak English

    How fair is it that spouses of British Citizens must be able to demonstrate a level of English before being granted a visa to come to the UK? The Supreme Court  rejected a challenge brought by two female British Citizens whose husbands (from Yemen and Pakistan)  want to come to the UK to be with their husbands.

  2. Solicitor guilty of providing illegal immigration advive

    A solicitor has been found guilty of providing unregulated immigration advice and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment. Flora Magdaline Mendes of Luton, pretended she was a regulated solicitor but had, in fact, been suspended by the SRA in January 2013.


  3. Applying for British Citizenship

    The final stage! Or, to be more precise, the penultimate stage if you intend to apply for a British Passport. The following article so epitomizes the need for accurate counsel when making any application in relation to visas, Entry Clearance or Leave to Remain.