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There is a need for each governmental authority to monitor and control access to the borders and territories of each country.  As a result of the many reasons why people request a visa, and the many needs of each individual applying for a visa, the process can be complex.  The Visa system is universally accepted as an effective way for people to negotiate with government agencies for passage into the country, but can represent a challenge when it comes to understanding the rights, options and duties of each applicant.


When applying for a visa to visit the UK, there are many factors which influence the final decision.

These include:


– Your nationality and country of origin

– The reason for your visit

– How long you intend to stay in the UK


Citizens of some countries can obtain visas at the UK border, while those from elsewhere must apply

in advance. Many of those who come to Britain are here to visit family, and in this case, there is a Standard Visitor Visa that is needed in order to stay in the UK for a up to a 6-month period.  For visits over extended periods of time the rules are different again, and for those that come to the UK to settle permanently, there are a whole host of different types of visa to choose from, including a parent visa, an unmarried partner visa, or a visa to join child in UK.  It is vitally important to have a clear and accurate understanding of which route you need, as well as the supporting document and evidence you need to provide in order to be successful.


This is where our UK-based visa consultancy can help.  At UKIVC, we provide a range of services to help anyone who needs legal advice in negotiating the complexities of the immigration and visa systems. Our visa advice experts based in Hertfordshire are available to help, either to those visiting our offices, or over the telephone and by video conference. If you are feeling confused by the wording and requirements of the immigration rules, and need legal advice, contact us to find out more or book a consultation to take the first step in getting the visa you need.

  • Working in the UK

    Whether you have been offered a job with UK Company, or maybe you’re an entrepreneur or even a sportsperson, you will need to apply to the Home Office for Entry Clearance before entering the UK. There are many categories of work visa and it is vital to make the correct application.

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  • Visiting the UK

    Not all visitors to the UK need to apply for a visa before entering the UK as a tourist. There are many categories of visitor and you must know under which section you are applying. UKIVC will advise and assist you in your application.

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  • Studying in the UK

    Student Visa Applications fall under the Points Based System and can be lengthy and complicated. Understanding the rules sometimes requires expert advice. Our advisers here at UKIVC are experienced, friendly and able to assist with your application.

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  • EEA Nationals

    The rules surrounding EEA Nationals are different to those for people applying from outside of the EU. If you are coming to work, visit or apply for settlement as a non EU resident who is husband/wife/partner of an EU resident we can help and assist with the correct procedure and application.

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  • Joining family in the UK

    If you are married to a UK citizen and wish to join him/her with a view to settling in the UK you will need to apply to the Home Office for Entry Clearance if you are outside the UK, or Leave to Remain if you are already in the UK. Submitting the correct evidence is absolutely essential for an application to be successful and expert advice is highly recommended.

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  • Appeals and Asylum

    As UKIVC has been regulated by the Office of The Immigration Commissioner to Level 3 we are able to assist clients in their application for asylum. If you have the right to appeal for a failed application we are also able to represent you at tribunal.

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